Hotend for SHARK V2

Adapted to: SHARK V2
Precio de venta$25.99 USD


* For SHARK V2 only, NOT compatible with other models

Lotmaxx Printing Module for SC10-SHARK 3D Printer Parts Bicolor Printing Module Nozzle Printing Machine Accessories Components


* Print a bicolor model
* Print monochrome model with soluble support
* Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
* Number of nozzles: 1pcs

Supported Consumables:

* PLA+PLA (Different colors)
* PLA+PVA (Soluble Support)
* PLA (printable monochrome)


An optional dual color print head tier of LOTMAXX SC-10 SHARK. Besides the basic option, you may choose a different package that comes with two extruders and one nozzle.