Q:  Where do i get support ? I have questions...


A:  You might find this link useful, take a look:  https://lotmaxx.com/pages/contact-us

Q:  Why i am missing a laser engraver that i paid?


A:  Sorry for the confusion, the laser engraver is out of stock in overseas warehouse. We will have to ship from the factory directly and there will be a second tracking number notifying buyers about the following shipment.


Q:  How long will i get the printer after payment?

A:  For US and EU buyers, usually within 7 days(ship from local warehouses), for other countries or areas, about 2 weeks(ship from the ).


Q:  Is it free shipping?


A:  For buyers from USA, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, etc, we do free shipping.

For others, we charge reasonable shipping freight.  The free shipping country list is expanding due to added local warehouse service.


Q:  Does this 3d printer support laser engraving?


A:  Yes, it does. When you buy with laser engraving add-on, you can start engraving right away, just be careful of the strong light thing.


Q: Can the printer still work while the laser kit is installed? 


A:   You do need to unplug the laser engraving box from the machine, also with power off, not going to support hot swap. If not, the touchscreen interface will be in laser engraving mode, instead of printing mode. 


Q: Will this printer support Carbon Fiber Nylon filaments?


A:  For any other materials rather than PLA, you need to change the setting of the printer, like the temperature, printing speed, sometimes even nozzle, etc. For details, please contact aftersales directly for details. 


Q: Must buy parts and accessories from Lotmaxx?


A: We suggest you buy parts and accessories from Lotmaxx for stable and reliable printing result. Same parts, setting and configuration, etc.




Q: Aftersales, whom to contact?


A: If you have any tech problem,please write to service@lotmaxx.com



Q: Need new firmware, where to download?


A: https://lotmaxx.com/pages/download



Q: Any discount for me ? 


A:  We have occasional sales on different sale channel or platforms, contact us to get more details.



Q: Do you have used machine for sale?


A:  Yes, we do, contact us to see if we still have stock in your local warehouse. 



Q: Can I buy used one from the third party?


A: Yes you can, but we suggest users buy from the official, specially you are new to 3d printer, and you don't know how to tell condition good or not.



Q: How is the warranty going?


A:  Please refer to the user manual attached in the box, for machine body, 1 year, for other parts and accessories, there are explanations accordingly. 


Q: Is it friendly for new guys to 3d printing?


A: I have to say, yes, it is. You don' t have to spend hours setting it up, almost totally assembled when you get it, and we have all kinds of support to make sure you are not alone when the printing is not perfect.


Q: What makes Lotmaxx printer different from others?


A:  We used best parts and accessories in the market, most of them designed by lotmaxx and we offer bicolor, engraving and auto-leveling kit with most competitive price, making it not just a 3d printer, but a multi-functional printer.



Q: Where can I track my order?


A: Please write to henry@lotmaxx.com or servcie@lotmaxx.com for tracking update


Q: How big is your TF memory card?


A:   16gb for now, pretty big storage, fast reading and writing speed too, but lotmaxx motherboard supports memory card no more than 16 gb, thanks.



Q: Can I print with cable instead of memory card?


A: Yes, of course you can. Please check our user manual or youtube  channel for support. There is detailed instruction there.