After-sales Policies

Warranty Period

1. 1-year Limited Warranty begins from the date you purchase your product.
2. 3-months Limited Part Warranty for consumable parts. (screen monitors, glass platform, etc)
3. No warranty for Product Gifts(TF card, USB cable, wrench, spatula, pliers, etc)
Note: Evidence of the purchase date shall be provided to LOTMAXX.

How to Get Service

You could contact us via email: Monday through Sunday
(AM 9: 00—PM 5: 30,Beijing Time Zone)
for any assistance with the product.

How to Repair

1. During the warranty period, if the machine is found to be defective due to material, workmanship or function, we will repair the machine for you free of charge.
2. LOTMAXX only offers parts replacement service through our distributors and e-commerce platforms in global markets, and currently offers return to factory repair service in mainland China.
3. For any repair and parts replacement services, please follow our warranty policy, including proof of purchase. 

How to Return and Refund

1. e-commerce platform, please request a return and refund on your purchasing platform, which may vary by platform, country and region. Please contact your seller for more details.
2. For local distributors, returns and refunds please contact our local sellers in advance and may vary by country and region.
3. For any return, the product should be carefully wrapped and undamaged, and all items such as machines, accessories, and tools in the return package should be fully included. The cost of any missing parts in the return package shall be borne by the customer.
4. Any refund or return shipping costs due to incorrect purchase or dissatisfaction shall be borne by the customer. 5. LOTMAXX requires that any defective units be returned prior to replacement. Upon receipt of the returned unit, a new one will be arranged. 

What is Covered

Your product is covered for any defects in materials, and workmanship until you provide any relevant documentation and information, including but not limited to.
1: The user of the product is in the country of purchase
2: The defective product is a LOTMAXX product 3: The date of purchase

What is Not Covered

LOTMAXX does not guarantee service due to the following reasons 1. proof of purchase is not available or the proof of purchase has been tampered with
2. Accidental damage, a malfunction caused by abuse, negligence, careless operation, or any handling operation not in accordance with the LOTMAXX user manual. 3. Use for purposes other than normal household use. (For example commercial or rental use)
4. Use of parts not assembled according to instructions.
5. Damage including but not limited to damage caused by animals, lightning, abnormal voltage, water or fire, natural disasters or transportation.
6. Normal wear and tear of accessories or consumables used as nozzle modules.
7. Repairs or modifications performed by a service organization not authorized by LOTMAXX.
8. In case of any doubt, please contact LOTMAXX service department for clarification.