I am still having major issues with this printer I can’t even print a simple calibration cube

This case is from Ryan. Thank you Ryan for authorize us to write your story.

This is a typical leveling problem for a beginner.

From the following pic, we can see that the nozzle scratch the bed plate. and cause the prints moves.

Here is a zoom in picture for seeing it clearly. 

To solve this issue. Only need to adjust the knobs under the hotbed/ tighten it a little bit to give more place to the nozzle. 

Here is a Youtube video guide for your reference. 

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At least you got your lotmaxx to print at all! Consider yourself lucky.
I have tried Cura and IdeaMaker and always this printer retracts filament for no reason… then prints at 210 (when I slice at 240) and prints nothing but air because it retracted the filament! So the first layers are missing.
I read the gcode and there is no E-100 or anything.
Seems the firmware itself makes it heat to 210… which is not enough for my PLA, and then it retracts… but never replaces the filament.
The retraction also causes stringing inside the tubes, likely creating jams because if I manually feed the filament down to the nozzle, it jams and nothing comes out.

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