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  “Lotmaxx” is a 3D printer brand owned by Senma Ultron, which is inspired by 3D printing technology inventor Chuck Hull, FDM 3D printing technology inventor, Scott Crump and DLP 3D Print technology inventor Larry Hornbeck, “Lotmaxx” means “Lots of Ideas, Maximum Creation” to focus only on printing and serve 3D printing practitioners’ inspiration and creativities all over the world”.

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Lotmaxx is a solid 3d printer recommended by many 3d printing “nerds”. Lotmaxx prides itself by offering varied add-ons with most competitive pricing, the dual color printing and laser-engraving. We have witnessed fast growth during the last couple of years and we are investing more on new add-ons for you.


Leveling can be challenging, specially with manual leveling. Auto-leveling will surely be a must-have for all 3d users in the near fure. 

bi-color printing

Instead of printing with single color, making unattractive model, the dual color feature offers the solution for creative and more visual appealing print.


A 3D printer with laser engraving feature included? Yes, we make that happy. Try more than 10 materials with our engraver and get that exciting journey started today.

3D printing

Yeah, this is the last but not least, and Lotmaxx 3d printer makes printing so much fun. All you need to find your desired stl files and hit that start button, sit back and relax and wait for the finished model.


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FDM Printer

3 in 1 multi-functional desktop printer

Resin Printer

For specific use, Jewelry modeling, FIGURE GARA, etc


Best quality FDM filament from the official 


Touch-screen, hot-end, Magnetic build plate, and more....


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