3D Printer FDM Desktop Grade Core Benefits
  • Equipped with silent drive module as standard

    The machine adopts silent drive, printing without noise

    Material break detection and shortage alarm

    Avoid running out of consumables and the machine is still empty, resulting in material waste and model scrap

    Power failure renewal

    Avoid model scrapping due to power failure

    Maximum printing speed can reach 180 mm/s

    The average printing speed is 30 mm/s - 60 mm/s

    Extra large printing size 235mm*235mm*280mm

    V-wheel drive

    The V-wheel is made of imported POM, which has the advantages of ultra-quiet, high precision and wear resistance. At the same time, the machine drive mechanism is equipped with eccentric isolation column, which can compensate for the decline in printing accuracy caused by long-term printing wear V-wheel

    Equipped with Meanwell power supply as standard

    Using the industry's famous Taiwan Meanwell power supply to ensure printing safety and efficiency.

    Bendable printing platform:

    No glue can also stick to the model, and can easily remove the model

    3.5" Touch Screen

    Full color 3.5 inch touch screen, sensitive and beautiful operation.

    Support 7 languages

    English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

    One-piece metal body design

    Metal covers the power supply, motherboard, display and other parts, safe and beautiful.

    Oversized hand-screwing nut

    Oversized hand screw nut design is more ergonomic and easier to adjust.

    Easy installation

    It can be installed in three minutes with only six screws.

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