3D Printer, Not Just A Toymaker

Maybe you have a 3D printer, but do you really know how powerful your printer is? Just a toymaker? Of course not! Today, let's explore what you have.


Whether it is the fashion industry or the home appliance industry, product manufacturing of 3D printer has been blown through a number of fields. 3D printing has low cost and high efficiency, with less production time can produce a high-precision product, while the waste will be much less than traditional methods. 


At the same time, 3D printers are becoming a must-have item in the home. As parents, there's nothing more satisfying than making toys for their children. Designing, printing and playing with children together can effectively improve harmony and love between parents and children, save money on toy purchase, and improve child's hands-on ability and imagination. Also, Lotmaxx has launched the little 3D printer for kids. It is safer and easier to use. 


The contribution of 3D printing in the field of model hand-made is growing, many films and television props, animation game models and their surrounding, will choose 3D printing way to realize. With the maturity of 3D printing technology, the all-in-one molding process requires little consideration of the complexity of the model, which is undoubtedly the best complement to traditional processes.


According to the All3DP.com, 3D printer can print many funny toys for cat, the clothes, balls, fishing rod and so on. It is lucky for your furry baby, their master have a magical 3D printer, which can print any toys they need.  


3D printing glasses has increasingly become a new trend in the development of the glasses industry. 3D printing technology is used to get rid of the limitations of traditional manufacturing techniques and create any geometry. It will help reduce production costs, facilitate small-scale production by manufacturers and brands, and greatly improve design flexibility to make it easier to customize personalized products for consumers.



The benefits of high flexibility, low cost efficiency, short production time, environmentally friendly production mode and great flexibility of customization are emerging opportunities for the 3D printing industry. In the future, 3D printing equipment and technology will become more and more popular. Just as the vision of Lotmaxx , we hope our products can quickly adapt to the actual development needs of all walks of life, to help ordinary people and entrepreneurs realize the creative ideas in mind.

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