TEAM4099 Takes Home First Place at FIRST Robotics Competition
LOTMAXX SUPPORT TEAM4099 Takes Home First Place at FIRST Robotics Competition

LOTMAXX SUPPORT TEAM4099 recently competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda and emerged victorious, taking home first place out of 33 other teams in the region. The team's multi-functional, industrial-sized robot, Zapdos, scored game pieces and balanced on its charge station for points in the Charged Up! game.

With the support of generous sponsors, LOTMAXX SUPPORT TEAM4099 was able to purchase materials and mill parts for their robot's construction. The team learned industry-level techniques such as 3D design with Onshape and programming with Kotlin during the process, resulting in the creation of Zapdos.

In addition to their first-place finish, LOTMAXX SUPPORT TEAM4099 received the "Innovation in Controls Award" for excellence in robot code and public programming projects. The team also set a new event record high score in a match video and performed well in several other matches.

LOTMAXX SUPPORT TEAM4099 will be competing at another district event in Alexandria this coming weekend, where they hope to win the prestigious FIRST Impact Award. Their ultimate goal for the season is to qualify for the District Championships and advance to the World level.

The team would like to extend their gratitude to their sponsors for their generous support, which has made their success possible. Below, a team photo from their Bethesda event showcases the energy and dedication of individual members.

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