How should a beginner use the Lotmaxx Shark 3D printer?


Advances in science often drive technological innovations. During this technical age, the 3D printer has entered thousands of families and has been gradually applied by more and more handicraft enthusiasts. In 2021, 3D printers will become an integral part of every family, more fun than televisions, more creative than computers, and cheaper than craft shops. So, when you get your hands on a 3D printer, how to use it as a beginner?


First of all, we need to install the machine correctly according to the instructions (Of course, our Lotmaxx shark installation is very convenient), and learn to know every component and part, especially how to insert and pull out the consumables. By the way, for specific steps, please follow our official YouTube account. When you want to replace consumables, be sure to preheat first, so that the consumables inside the nozzle melt. and then you will click the unload to make the filaments out, which will protect the nozzle from pulling injury.


Secondly, if we want to print a perfect 3d printing model, must ensure that our platform is horizontal. After visual adjustment, we can use a piece of paper, to quickly detect whether it is on the horizontal line. first, the first to set the printer nozzle of the Z-axis to the height of the first layer (about the thickness of a sheet of paper, slightly more), and put the paper between the printing platform and nozzle. If you can move the nozzle without touching the paper, Your printing platform is horizontal.


When we officially start printing things, we should preheat the printing platform to the highest temperature in advance to effectively avoid the edge warping of the 3D printing model in the printing process. Because the higher the temperature, the better to avoid the 3D printing material crimp during the printing process. After printing, turn off the printer and remove the printed product. In the process of use, something will be more or less stained on the printing platform, which will affect the effect of 3D printing. We can wipe the printing platform with alcohol once a week or half a month to take care of our printing platform.


Finally, congratulations on having the first Lotmaxx 3D printer of your life! It is a great desktop 3D printer that can print faster than average, featuring multiple functions such as auto-leveling, laser engraving, and bicolor printing using simple add-ons. Plus build quality with premium materials, sleek and ergonomic design.


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