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Nowadays, technology is more and more advanced, also more and more people can have their 3D printer of their own, hand-printed the desired models and toys, and thus launched a new cause. But the question is, where are we going to download rich and interesting 3d printing models? This is also the most asked question from our Lotmaxx customers recently. So today, we're going to show some free 3D printing websites, model repositories, and marketplaces that offer free 3D printer models to download. Each will let you browse a large selections of 3D printing designs to print.


Of course these just are our findings, so if we have missed anyone your favorite site for free 3D STL file downloads, please let us know in the comments.




As a fiery community, it allows users to download for free thousands of 3D printable models created by talented 3D designers around the world. Founded in June 2013, MyMiniFactory has grown rapidly in just two years to be the UK's number one industry. The biggest advantage over other 3D printing platforms of the same type is that each available model on the platform is inspected and tested by an internal team to ensure that it can be printed in 3D, saving users time and supplies.




It is a free site for STL files and 3D printer models, also is one of the biggest 3D printing communities in the world. Thingiverse was launched in 2008 by MakerBot Industries. Any one of us can upload, share, and download 3D printable models for free. There also have a community for discussing and sharing. You can download many STL files for free. Also, you can communicate with people who have common interests and hobbies.




It is a wonderful 3D model repository. They claim that they have a real source of inspiration since the best designers share their best STL files daily to offer their latest inventions. There have massive 3D models and files arranged in numerous categories and collections. The perfect function is it can specify the printing settings along with a 3D view of the model to help you choose the model that you need. In that way, you can search for them quickly. Also, Cults3D is a marketplace where makers can share or sell their STL files.




It is a big marketplace to buy and sell 3D models and design, such as gaming, AR/VR, advertising, animation, movies, and 3D printing. There have 1,070,000 3D models and include a managed community of 3.49 million users. The most important is the site offers plenty of free 3D printer files to download for production on any 3D printer. Also, most of them are freely available for download following the creation of a free account with the site.




It is a community marketplace for connecting makers & designers. They provide users an easy-to-use platform to explore, share and download high-quality 3D printable designs. There have many free STL file from 70,000+ makers and designers. The only thing we just need to do is to find the funny modals to download. Also we sell and share designs by ourselves.




A fantastic library of models. There have over 25,000 artists in their community working to satisfy the modeling needs of artist-customers worldwide. Their models are used by game developers, news agencies, architects, visual effects studios, advertisers, and creative professionals around the world. But there is a limited selection of free 3D printable models on offer.




Yeggi is a search engine for printable 3D models. They collect data from all 3D communities and marketplaces offering 3D models to print. It’s an effective website for finding free STL files for 3D printing fast. You will always find free 3D printer files that you want from there.




YouMagine is an online community of 3D printing created in 2013 by Ultimaker. Users can upload, share, and download 3D models and designs. Also, the 3D designs are free and 3D printable on any 3D printer. You can browse through and download plenty of free 3D printer models and lovely handpicked designs.


As we have seen, where there is a printer, there is no shortage of slicing platform. The above websites are big websites with high praise, of course, I will continue to provide more websites in the following briefly.






NIH 3D Print Exchange



GrabCAD Library


Zortrax Library





Dremel Lesson Plans

Polar Cloud




Please enjoying your printing!

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richard m cimato

richard m cimato

I would like to print more on my Lotmaxx sc-10 shark.
i did the two pre installed dragon and marker cone.
love to access some stl files.

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