laser engraver lotmaxx engraving wood model

Some FAQs

How to choose a suitable laser marking machine?

This one laser module is really a great choice for entry level users, safe, precise and easy to remove. You can easily spend a day with this amazing add on.

How long does it take to laser engrave?


Well, it really depends on the project, how big it is, usually a photo album takes 1 hours to print. 

How do laser engraving function?


Strong power, focused light burns the surface of different materials. 

How do engraving machines work?


The 3d printer from lotmaxx can read the files or imageries edited beforehand to make the final engraving.

How to choose a nameplate laser engraving machine?

please choose the materials based on the watt of the machine which is 1.6W.

How much does laser engraving cost?

This laser engraving is a module or addon, really affordable, sold seperately or combined with 3d printer machine.

Do i need to wear a glass while laser engraving?

we have a specially designed goggle to protect your eyes from any harm. Be sure to wear it before operation.

How to engrave on thin metal?

Sorry, this one can't engrave on metal, power watt not enough, thanks

For more details, please visit our laser engraver module.




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looks nice, where can i buy the wood plates in your video? thanks

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