Why Lotmaxx SC-10 shark 3D printer is so popular?

As our most popular 3d printer,Lotmaxx sc-10 shark 3d printer is quite different other brand 3d printers.it has the followling great 3 features.

Bicolor printing:

For many, multi-colored 3D prints have become the holy grail of 3D printing. Creating 3D prints was once the purview of high-end color 3D printer models, whose cost was out of reach for the average consumer. Now, various options are available to create colorful 3D prints.

These options are best broken down into two categories. The first is direct color 3D printing, where the color is derived from the filaments used in an FDM printer. The second category is indirect color printing, where color is applied from an external source to the filament during the printing process.

The main disadvantage is that mixing colors is impossible and, as a result, photo-realistic textures are impossible to reproduce. Additionally, using a printer with multiple extruders expands the possibility of potential errors since each extruder might jam or produce layers of varying quality. Finally, prints are only as good as the filaments used. Filaments from different manufacturers might lead to jams or bonding issues between layers of different filament colors.

Auto leveling:

Every 3D printing user wants the distance between the print nozzle and bed to be uniform throughout the build area. But that’s usually tough to attain given the expansion and contraction that takes place during the 3D printing process. The result is an unleveled bed, which is responsible for a plethora of common 3D printing problems, including clogging, scratch marks on your print, or general poor adhesion because the first layer is uneven.

While most beds may appear flat and even, irregularities are prone to occur due to the usage of tapes or other types of matter placed upon the printing bed. Mechanical flaws in the design of the printer may also cause defects on the bed or the nozzle. Bed leveling is meant to compensate for any anomaly on the bed, and it is usually done with respect to the printer’s axis; not the laws of gravity.

  • It makes it easier to change the build surface without having to reconfigure your printer.
  • You get high precision regardless of uneven heating or bowed build plate. Sensors ensure the print head is always moving parallel to the build plate.
  • No wasting time fiddling with the bed and Z height
  • Ease of use for inexperienced machinists
  • Gets you printing right away

Laser graving:

An optional 1.6 W laser engraving of LOTMAXX SC-10 SHARK and allows you to engrave with a wide variety of materials like wood, plastic, leather, PVC, paper, and resin.

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