How to choose a 3d printer for the beginners

3D printing enthusiasts who are new to the 3D printing technology industry, the biggest trouble is how to choose a 3D printer. Today,we  summarized some 3D printer selection techniques, hoping to give some help to newcomers.

First, the 3D printer printing speed:

According to the different manufacturers of rapid prototyping equipment, or the different 3D printing technology adopted, the measurement standard of 3D printing speed is different. Some are used to indicate the time required to print a certain height in the Z-axis direction (for a single 3D printing task), usually expressed in inches/hour, mm/hour. Those 3D printers with stable vertical construction speed generally like to use this technical parameter, which is basically not affected by the complexity of the structure of the printed object and the number of parts printed in a single time. This kind of 3D printer is an ideal choice for 3D printing of prototype models, because they can quickly produce a considerable number of models in a limited time, which facilitates design communication, discussion and comparison.

Another technical parameter to measure printing speed refers to the time required to print a specific object or a specific volume. Some 3D printers can quickly print a single, simple structure object, and often use this indicator. However, when this type of 3D printer encounters an increase in the number of prints or a more complex structure, the printing speed will decrease significantly, so it is not suitable for rapid prototyping of prototype models with high printing speed requirements. Common models include fdm plastic printers and sla/dlp resin printers; here are divided into desktop and industrial models, if you are a personal purchase, it is recommended to choose a desktop machine;

Second, 3D printer price:

If you are planning to buy a machine for service, please read this paragraph

The cost of printing is usually expressed by the cost per unit volume. Even if the same 3D printer is used, due to the influence of the structure of the molded part, the cost of a single molded part is very different. Therefore, the quotation of the 3D printing service is often presented at the typical object printing price or the average price, which is not difficult to understand Up. If you need to compare the quotations, you can provide a set of STL data of your own classic samples for the supplier to make a quotation, and clearly know what is included and not included in the different quotations, so as to choose the most cost-effective supplier.

The quotation provided by some suppliers only includes the cost of the model material required for the molded part, and does not include the cost of supporting materials or other losses incurred in the 3D printing process. This quotation is not a true and final quotation. The material utilization rate of different 3D printing processes varies greatly. Therefore, the actual material usage cost is another important reference for measuring quotations.

The price of the machine is discussed here. In fact, if you buy it online, it is recommended to buy directly from the manufacturer’s official flagship store. Do not buy from a third-party platform, because the manufacturer can still cut the price appropriately, or send more consumables. Normal; and after-sales service will be more secure; to get back to the point, the price of the machine in China is currently ranging from $200 to $1000, I am talking about fdm desktop 3d printers; everyone can choose according to their actual ability;

Third, 3D printer accuracy:

If it is fdm, the machine error is generally between 0.2-0.4, but it does not rule out the existence of a machine with an error of 1mm; how to distinguish this, as a novice who does not understand anything; the method is very simple if you want to know the real error , You can directly find a model for the seller to try to print, and send the printed finished model to you. You can measure the real error with a caliper; the printing accuracy of this printer with the same price is really similar and not too big; If you buy a cheap machine, please skip the trial printing step directly, or it will be a waste of money.

Hope these can help you to find a good 3d printer.

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