how to use the PRUSA SLICER to slicer a dual-color gcode

To use PrusaSlicer to slice a dual-color gcode, follow these steps:

  1. Import your 3D model into PrusaSlicer by clicking on the "Add" button and selecting your file.

  2. Choose your printer from the list of available printers.

  3. Click on the "Print Settings" tab and then select "Filament Settings".

  4. Under the "Filament Settings" tab, click on the "Material" dropdown and choose "Multi Material".

  5. Next, click on the "Extruder 1" tab and select the first color you want to use for your print.

  6. Under the "Extruder 1" tab, adjust the temperature and any other settings as needed.

  7. Repeat step 5 and step 6 for the second color you want to use, but this time select the "Extruder 2" tab.

  8. Once you have both extruders set up, go to the "Plater" tab and drag your 3D model onto the print bed.

  9. You can now use the "Add Object" button to add additional parts to your print bed, and you can assign the colors to each object using the "Multi Material" dropdown in the "Object Info" panel.

  10. Finally, go to the "Export G-code" tab and click on "Export G-code" to save your dual-color gcode file.

That's it! You should now have a dual-color gcode file ready to be printed on your multi-material 3D printer.

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Garandau G

Garandau G

Après plusieurs essais d’impression bicolor avec Prusa slicer, Je n’ai jamais pu imprimer 1 objet convenablement. La tour de purge est présente sur l’aperçu mais absente sur le plateau de l’imprimante Lotmaxx Shark C10 V2. Il y a-t-il une solution?

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